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Canabinoid Oils & Isolates

Bloom CBD is a Canadian owned and operated brand focusing on hemp derivative health and wellness products.

Canadian Owned

Grown in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Certified Quality

High quality of standard throughout the entire process

Health & Wellness

Our hemp is grown outdoors and pesticide free

About Us

Our Story

With decades of farming experience our hemp is grown using the most responsible, sustainable agricultural practices. Our hemp is grown outdoors and pesticide free. By utilizing the sun, and all the other available natural resources, it allows us to grow in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way compared to indoor grows.

Our Products

We are truly from the soil to you as our hemp is turned into high potency canabinoid oils & isolates from which all our retail products are derived.

Ready to Mix Powdered Drinks


Ready to Mix Powdered Drinks



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